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    15 U.S. Cities That'll Make You Feel Like You've Left The Country (No Passport Required)

    No passport needed.

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies, and use our content to dream about a future trip.

    1. Leavenworth, Washington

    Busy street lined with European-style buildings and a snowy mountain in the background

    2. Moab, Utah

    Natural red rock arch perched above giant plateaus captured at sunset as a storm is rolling in

    3. Holland, Michigan

    Dutch-style windmill in a field of tulips

    4. Solvang, California

    Buildings with a Danish architectural feel lining a quiet street

    5. Chimayó, New Mexico

    Adobe gate leading to an old adobe and wooden church surrounded by trees

    6. Ouray, Colorado

    Overhead view of a small town nestled between mountains on a cloudy, fall day

    7. New Orleans, Louisiana

    Three-story building in New Orleans' French Quarter captured on a quiet evening

    8. Lindsborg, Kansas

    9. St. Augustine, Florida

    Sprawling red-and-white building with a beautiful fountain and palm trees in the foreground

    10. Decorah, Iowa

    11. Lewiston, Maine

    A town and riverside park captured from the other side of the river on a fall day

    12. Roswell, New Mexico

    An old, rusted sign in the middle of nowhere that says "UFO Crash Site"

    13. Framingham, Massachusetts

    14. Bahia Honda Key, Florida

    A beautiful view of Florida's turquoise blue ocean taken from a hillside above

    15. Fredericksburg, Texas

    A trail leading through a park  to an odd-shaped building with a wide steeple on top

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    Illustrated city skyline