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    19 "Parks And Rec" Scenes That Can Part The Clouds And Brighten A Bad Day

    The "Get on Your Feet" scene never fails to put me in a happy mood.

    Over the years, the characters of Parks and Recreation proved they were the real salt of the earth by doing countless nice things for one another. Here are some of the sweetest, most heartwarming ones.

    1. When Ben took Leslie to Paris after she was recalled from the City Council:

    2. When Ron spent the day terrified of what Leslie was going to do for his birthday, only for her to surprise him with the most Ron Swanson–appropriate party ever:

    3. When the whole crew tried to help Leslie salvage her campaign speech with this iconic walk to the stage:

    4. When Donna made a "mistake" on Jerry's name tag at her wedding, leading to him finally being called his actual name:

    5. When Andy let Diane know she should ask Ron out:

    6. When Leslie brought Ethel Beavers to Ben's house to read the transcript from her hearing where she said she loved him.

    7. When Andy promised April that their adult lives would never be boring:

    8. When Leslie got Ben a replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones for their anniversary, and he completely (and adorably) lost it:

    9. When Tom let Tammy beat him up to show Ron that she wasn't a nice person and to free him from her clutches, which in turn led Ron to save him:

    10. When Ann took care of Chris when he got the flu, which also gave us one of the most memorable lines on the show:

    11. When Tom and Donna took Ben on "Treat Yo' Self 2011" and encouraged him to buy a Batman costume to feel better after his breakup with Leslie:

    12. When Leslie sent Ron on his dream Scottish vacation to see where his favorite whiskey was made:

    13. When Andy surprised April because he missed her too much in London:

    14. When Ben had Jerry fill in for Leslie for all the anniversary surprises she had to miss, leading to the most delightful day ever:

    15. When Donna drove everybody home after they got wasted on Snake Juice, despite the likelihood that they'd puke in her beloved Benz:

    16. When Ron paid for Andy's college education and dropped him off on his first day, showing us all that he was actually a big ol' teddy bear:

    17. When Ann and April sang "Time After Time" after some much-needed bonding and Donna joined them in a bit of afternoon office karaoke:

    18. When Ron agreed to keep the swivel desk he hated for an extra week so that Chris would let the rest of the office go back to their old work habits:

    19. And finally, when Li’l Sebastian delighted the parks office with his presence, giving us these pure and wholesome reactions:

    What are your favorite wholesome Parks and Rec scenes? Comment below!