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What's The Most Inaccurate Representation Of Marriage You've Seen In A Show Or Movie?

There are a lot of married people in TV and movies, but how many of these relationships are actually realistic?

Chances are you've watched a TV show or movie and seen one of these:


That's right, a married couple! They're all over our favorite shows and movies. But sometimes, the way that marriage is depicted isn't exactly realistic.

Are you tired of seeing married couples who can't stand each other and argue all the time?


I don't recall a single time that I stumbled upon an episode of The King of Queens that didn't feature these two arguing.

Maybe the married couples you see onscreen never have sex and it makes you think, "Well that's just not true." Or they're always having sex, which makes you think the same thing.


Do you ever wish that fictional married couples didn't fall into the well-worn cliché of an exasperated (but patient) wife and her fun-loving husband who's basically one of the kids?


Married folks (and people who have experienced/witnessed marriages), it's your time to shine. Tell us about the unrealistic ways that TV and movies depict marriage. You might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!