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How Well Can You Visualise Big Numbers?

We read about numbers in the millions and billions every day. But how well can you actually make sense of them?

It’s been proven that humans find it really difficult to picture and truly understand big numbers, due to our cognitive limitations. Real-world comparisons can help us make better sense of them. This quiz will test how good you are at visualising huge numbers when they're presented through these everyday contexts.

The European Union is providing €348 million to the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN), a multipurpose cash assistance scheme. Through the ESSN, over 1 million of the most vulnerable refugees in Turkey will be able to cover their basic daily needs.

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The Emergency Social Safety Net lets refugees decide how to use the money they receive, to cover essential needs like food, fuel, rent, and bills. The scheme is being implemented by the UN World Food Programme and the Turkish Red Crescent.