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    I Tried The Evaporative Air Cooler As An Alternative To Air Conditioning And Here Is What Happened

    'Next year I'll be prepared", I said every time when the heat wave hits Paris and all the cooling options are sold out.

    Most Parisian buildings don't have heat and cooling ducts. Even the French President has to use a portable AC with an ugly exhaust pipe in his residence at the Elysée Palace.

    If you decide to storm the Bastille and install an air conditioner, you have a long road ahead

    Step one: save a lot money for long and expensive drilling work

    Step two: make sure you live in a place where you have a terrace or a balcony, to have enough space for an evacuation pipe

    Step three: write a formal letter to the building manager explaining your need for an AC

    Step four: the residents of your building will decide during the annual vote whether you deserve an AC

    Step five: move to a different country and never look back

    I picked a different road and ordered a personal evaporative air cooler — the eco-friendly alternative to the cooling devices we know.

    To my surprise, it arrived just a few days after the purchase. There is a letter, explaining the technology in the Evapolar devices.

    First impression: it is really light! The color was a perfect choice too!

    It is as portable as they say!

    What about beauty sleep?

    We are good to go! I hope I am in for a VERY cool night.

    You will ONLY feel the best effect when you are in the direction of the airflow.

    How exactly does this evaporation thing work?

    Fresh, awake and not a single nightmare about electricity bills!

    But first — cooling mask

    Let us have some fun measuring the noise level (I am fun at parties, I promise)

    Speed 1: Rustling Leaves

    Speed 2: Quiet Whisper

    Extra points for true description!

    Speed 3: Quiet Home

    The Verdict

    This time, I am prepared.