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Watch These Men Try Labor Pain Simulation And Scream Like Women

One of the guys even shocks his own taint, because, you know, that's where his vagina would be. Mothers are the toughest people in the world, because the miracle of life can hurt like a bitch.

The Try Guys continued their exploration of the joys — and the many, many pains — of motherhood by enduring the most climactic, painful, and unspeakably unbearable part of being a mom...


Men can never know what it's really like to experience labor pains, so the closest thing science has come up with is to electrocute them mercilessly until they scream and cry.

Keith had electrodes placed on his left rectus abdominis muscles.

Zach had electrodes placed on his entire abdominal region.

Ned had electrodes placed on his abdominals and lower back area in order to simulate back labor.

And Eugene had electrodes placed on his abdominals, lower back, and "phantom vagina," otherwise known as his perineum*.

Watch how much pain they can stand before screaming for an epidural.

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The moral of the story: if men had to give birth, the human race would be extinct.

Happy Mother's Day!