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These Guys Got Wasted To See How Alcohol Affected Their Bodies Differently

Before you party this New Year's Eve, watch The Try Guys get drunk to test how long it would take to reach .08% BAC. Their results may surprise you.

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The Try Guys conducted a special experiment: how many drinks does it actually take to become legally drunk?

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Can anyone really know how drunk they are?

First, they would begin each stage with a round of drinks.

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Next, they would perform a series of real world challenges in order to gauge their drunkenness.

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Dancing, Conversation, and a Field Sobriety Test.

Finally, they would use a breathalyzer to measure their Blood Alcohol Content level to see when they would reach .08%.

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And then they start the wild process all over again...

Watch as they learn that even the smallest amount of alcohol can make a huge difference.

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Safety always comes first, so never drink and drive!

What in the world will The Try Guys try next?

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Stay tuned...

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