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People Try Iconic Music Video Dances

Watch these everyday people attempt (and fail) at performing the most famous music video dances of all time.

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BuzzFeed Motion Pictures' resident dancer Eugene has a long history of teaching his coworkers iconic choreography.

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Like that time he taught them a Britney medley after work.

But how would they handle some of the most famous music video dances of all time?

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It's tougher to strike a pose than you might think...

You know, those unforgettable songs with the even bigger music videos? And everyone is familiar with, like, one part of the dance but has never tried the entire routine?

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Even with little to no dance experience, they admitted that popular music video routines looked pretty damn easy.

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They were so, so wrong.

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Their first routine was "Thriller", by Michael Jackson

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"Thriller" is widely considered by many to be the greatest, most influential music video of all time.


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Along with Michael, watch them tackle Beyoncé, Britney, Janet, NSYNC, Madonna, and even Sia as everyday people attempt to work it like the greatest pop stars - who can dance - in history.

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In the end, they were humbled by how difficult it must be to work as a singer-dancer and be good at it.

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Y'all betta recognize!

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