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Here's What Top Professional Models Look Like Without Makeup

Famous models reveal their makeup-free faces and misconceptions about beauty and the fashion industry.

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Five top international models, represented by Supreme Management, bare their faces and insecurities for the camera as they open up about life as a model and their relationship with makeup.

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Makeup by Maya René

"Many people think that we're not real people, but we are as real as anybody else."

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"A lot of people think models wear makeup all the time but, as a matter of fact, when you go to the castings or jobs, they ask you to have absolutely no makeup on. Plus, there's a huge team of very talented people behind all those pretty pictures making us look like this."

"Because of my work I have to stay in a certain shape, but most people consider my shape as being too skinny or not too sexy. I don't have boobs or an ass, so whenever I socialize, yeah, I'm self-conscious about it."

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"But food. Oh my god, I love food. I eat everything but then I have to work my ass off in the gym afterwards."


"Beauty is less about wearing makeup and more about taking good care of yourself and feeling beautiful from within. Also...who cares what other people think!"

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Makeup: subtle brown smokey eye, nude lip, shimmer on cheeks, foundation.

"There's a quote that I really love: 'Comparison is the thief of joy.'"


"It's very true. It took me a little bit of time to realize, because it's easy to compare yourself to others in this industry and get down on yourself."

"I'm not going to sit here and say that I have a tough life — ultimately, we get to work and be paid for our looks."

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"But especially in this day and age, with social media being what it is, people make snap judgments. Some girls skinny-shamed, but some girls are just naturally skinny. You just have to remember that everyone's different."


"Why judge someone for wearing makeup? It's a personal choice. But even when someone goes out with no makeup on they get negative comments. It's unfortunately the society we live in, so you just have to be confident in yourself."

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Makeup: strong filled-in brow, overall soft "natural" look, foundation.

"My mom said that it's not makeup that makes you beautiful, it's what's on the inside."

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"The people always thought I'm too skinny and tall. Where I'm from, the ladies at my age had a more normal, curvy shape. It was hard talking to boys because they'd be scared to ask me to dance because I was taller than him."

"About three years ago, the black models used a lot of extensions to do the jobs, but now I think the market and fashion industry is more open for you to use your own hair."

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"Finally I changed my hairstyle and showed my natural hair, and they loved it a lot!"


"If people tell you you're not beautiful, you have to show them the confidence that with makeup or no makeup or straight hair or curly hair, you believe in yourself."

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Makeup: cat eyeliner, copper eyeshadow, metallic red lipstick, foundation.

"Makeup is really cool! You can have a lot of fun with makeup: You can play with it, you can look like a different person. It can be an art."

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"However, every different person — every different face shape — requires completely different makeup. Good makeup completely depends on a good makeup artist."

"When the kids are young, they can say a lot of mean things, but when they grow up, a lot of people will be jealous of your red hair. A lot of people will be so jealous of your freckles."


"People always come up to me now and want my red hair, so the time when kids bully each other will pass and they'll want what you have."


"I love my job as a model, but I know I can do many other things and have other goals. People think it's all about the glamour, but I love it for the opportunity to travel, learn new languages, and make friends around the world."

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Makeup: soft grunge look, dark eyeshadow, heavy liner, glossy lip, foundation.

"Growing up, I got made fun of for being too tall and skinny."

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"I hated going jean shopping because all the jeans were so short on me. But the worst was I was taller than all the boys in the school."

"I had many insecurities when I was little just because I looked so different. I just wanted to fit in and look the same."


"I really hated my eyebrows. They were so dark and thick and I always wanted to dye them the same color as my hair and pluck them. Today, this is actually what everyone wants, so it worked out perfectly for me!"

"All my friends in the industry had similar experiences, so I was so happy when I first started modeling to realize there were other people in the world going through the same thing as me."

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Makeup: light contouring, bold red lip, soft eyeshadow, strong brows, foundation.