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These Are The Actual Ways You Can Stop Losing Your Hair

Millions of men share this problem but no one is talking about it.

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We need to start talking about hair loss, guys.

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The earlier you catch signs of hair loss, the higher chance you have to prevent it.

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Most men begin noticing or acknowledging recession in their late 20s, but if you can recognize it in your teens you're in much better shape.

You'll notice recession in very particular places: at the anterior hairline (your temples), the crown (what we commonly refer to as the "bald spot"), and diffused thinning through the mid-frontal scalp.

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Women, on the other hand, generally experience diffused thinning over their entire head.

Q: Is baldness inherited from your mother's side of the family?

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A: False. Although your mother's side of the family may affect your hair DNA more, hair loss can be passed down from your father's side as well, so you need to pay attention to how all of your grandparents' and parents' hair is turning out.


Q: What about external factors? Will things like wearing a hat actually make me go bald?

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A: False, depending on the myth. Hats, frequent shampooing, and clogged pores will not make you go bald. The jury's out on things like extreme stress, overexposure to the sun, and lifestyle habits.

Q: What exactly is happening to me, physiologically, when I'm going bald?

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A: Male-pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is the shrinking of the hair follicle until it's completely destroyed and can't regrow new hair.

Q: So does that mean if I'm going bald, I'm more virile because of higher testosterone levels?

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A: False. You're balding because your hair follicles are more sensitive in places to the DHT on your head. If high levels of testosterone caused it, then you'd experience hair loss all over your body as well.



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• Popular prescription drug for male pattern baldness in tablet form (consult with your physician)

• Side effects may include a decreased libido

• Should never be taken or handled by a woman or child


Instead, opt for a hairstyle that draws more attention towards your jawline and eyes and away from your scalp.

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Don't be afraid to taper the sides in closer and grow the top out longer.

Work that brand new style.

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The sky's the limit and so many balding men feel like they have only one look they can pull off. From there you can explore ways to experiment with new styles with your type of hair.



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• Also known as hair transplants or hair restoration

• Can cost anywhere between $4,000 to $20,000 depending on the type and quality of procedure

• Grafts of unaffected hair are removed from the back of the scalp and implanted along the front of the hairline

• The new hair will usually take about six to eight months to grow back

Q: Will I stop losing hair after I get surgery or as I get older?

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A: False. Unfortunately, genetic hair loss is a lifelong condition and surgery only alleviates one of the symptoms. You will continue to lose hair but all of the preventative measures we've covered above will help slow the process down and strengthen the hair you still have.