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These Men Dyed Their Hair For The First Time And Fucking Loved It

Four diverse young men who have never dyed their hair undergo dramatic hair color makeovers.

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The hair slayage is real, y'all, and it knows no gender...

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Edward cited the stigma for men to not care about their hair as the reason for why he never changes it, but he was interested to see how it would affect him emotionally.

Richardson wanted to turn his black hair into a platinum blonde, because even though blondes don't scientifically have more fun, choosing to be one means you're going to try.

After taking a moment to get used to his new look, Richardson loved it and said he supported men changing the standard by having fun and dyeing their hair whenever they damn well please.

Finally, Yoshi wanted to go "granny," meaning taking his dark black hair to a stunning silver gray. David mused that the gray hair trend was proof that any color — even what was once considered a sign of aging — can be rocked.

It took several minutes for Yoshi to recognize himself, but after he did he loved his new, anime-inspired look and was already thinking of new colors he could experiment with.

So men, what's stopping you from trying something new with your 'do?

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