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    8 Iconic K-Pop Dance Moves You Need In Your Life

    Gangnam Style is so two thousand and late.

    Watch a group of clueless Americans attempt to perform these iconic K-Pop dance moves:

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    1. "The Arrogant Dance"

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    Originated in "Abracadabra" by the Brown Eyed Girls. Trust me, this music video is everything. Similarly sickening visuals in their videos for "Sixth Sense" and "Kill Bill."

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    Popularized internationally by some guy named PSY in "Gentleman," briefly making us forget about that little craze called "Gangnam Style."

    2. "Electric Shock" by f(x)

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    Officially debuted as "Asia's Pop Dance Group." Also check out their hits "Rum Pum Pum," "Hot Summer," and their latest single, "Red Light" for a bumpin' playlist.

    3. "Fantastic Baby" by Big Bang

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    If you don't know Big Bang, you don't know what you're missing. Members Taeyang and G-Dragon are especially known for their slick moves, but even if they stood still, this idol band radiates pure swag.

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    Swag. For. Days.

    4. "The Butt Dance"

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    Oh, you know, just another enormous dance craze of ladies shakin' their booties, but "Mister," by KARA manages to make it totally cute. Sorry, Anacondas.

    5. "Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior

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    One of the biggest boy bands in K-Pop had this massive hit with an unforgettable routine by Nick Bass and Trent Dickens (who also choreographed the the likes of Usher and Justin Timberlake). Also check out "Bonamana" and "Mr. Simple" to fully appreciate how super these guys really are.

    6. "I Am The Best" by 2NE1

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    It's hard not to love 2NE1. Attitude. Style. Dance. Crossover appeal. They have it all.

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    Don't believe me? Check out "I Love You," "Come Back Home," and "Ugly" and live.

    7. "Ring Ding Dong" by SHINee

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    Many idol bands like EXO, INFINITE, 2PM, and TVXQ! are known for being flawless dancers, but SHINee reigns supreme in featuring technically difficult and highly recognizable dance moves. See also: "Lucifer" and "Sherlock."

    8. "Gee" by Girls' Generation

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    Other notable girl groups with fantastic dancers like 4MINUTE, T-ara, and miss A simply cannot compare to the sheer celebrity and popularity of Girls' Generation. From "Genie" to "The Boys" to "I Got A Boy," these nine women have become synonymous with the power of the Korean Wave.

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    There's no doubt about it: K-Pop rules the world.