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18 Affordable Ways To Make Your Houseguests Think You’re Fancier Than You Actually Are

They'll never know. And you never know what else you'll find at

1. Next time someone comes over for dinner, just lay out this hand-dyed marble linen table runner like it's nbd.

2. Hide your dirty old pots in this très cool storage bag.

3. Do as the hipster cafés do and pour your ordinary salt and pepper into a classy concrete dish.

4. Pick a flower or two from your neighbour's garden and chuck them in these luxe copper vases.

5. Distract people from your mismatched dinner plates by serving food out of this big-ass statement bowl.

6. Spell out ~fancy~ words with these industrial-chic concrete letters.

7. Show you're a responsible human by filling this cone planter with a real-life plant (preferably one that's hard to kill).

8. Sort through that dusty pile of photos and postcards, and put them on display in a bunch of these simple wooden stands...

9. ...or pin them up with these horseome metallic push pins.

10. Use this adorable knot cushion to cover up that not-so-adorable red wine stain on the couch.

11. Make your walls look fancy with this hand-drawn diamond print (even if you can't afford the real thing).

12. Show people how together and organised you are with this minimal printable calendar!

13. Decorate your wall with this geometric shelf made from beautiful Tasmanian oak, and then use it to display all those random knickknacks.

14. Put your guests' drinks on these Italian marble coasters so they think your old table is actually worth protecting.

15. Dress up those plain ol' tea lights with this painted candle holder.

16. Turn your pile of tangled necklaces into a bathroom feature with this driftwood jewellery holder.

17. Invest in these stylish amber glass soap dispensers, then fill them up with the home-brand stuff when no one is looking.

18. And treat yourself to this uber-cool plant hanger, because nothing says "I'm a fancy adult now" like a hanging indoor garden.

No matter what you’re into, Etsy has it. Celebrate the things that make you different, and shop for unique goods that are made for YOU at

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