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15 Minimalist Jewelry Picks From Etsy That You’ll Simply Love

Sometimes, less really is more!

1. A pair of small, thick hoop earrings that come in sterling silver and 18K gold finishes.

A person wearing two small golden earrings.

2. A chic garnet gemstone ring that looks great when worn alone, but also so cute stacked with other rings.

3. A pair of teardrop-shaped Hoop Earrings that pair just as well with work outfits as they do with going out ensembles.

A pair of golden, teardrop-shaped hoops with open ends.

4. A sleek long bar ring, so you can add a touch of modern minimalism to your everyday looks.

A golden ring with a long bar top.

5. A pair of circle threader earrings that are so cute, you may just want to wear them everyday.

A pair of circular golden earrings

6. A zodiac symbol necklace, so you can show off your sign and your minimalist-chic style.

7. A hammered heart charm bracelet, so you can wear your style (and heart) on your sleeve.

A golden bracelet with a small heart charm.

8. A pair of geometric stud earrings that can add a golden touch to any outfit.

A pair of small and large half-circle stud earrings.

9. An anklet with a heart charm that you can personalize for a custom and oh-so-cute design.

A small anklet with a monogrammed heart charm.

10. A set of four classic bangles with a hammered texture that catches the light for a shimmering shine.

A set of four golden bangles with a hammered texture.

11. A pair of chain loop earrings that are simply stunning.

A person wearing short, chain loop earrings.

12. A simple, customizable bracelet that's got your name written all over it.

A simple golden bracelet with a bar engraved with the name "Emily."

13. A pair of upcycled leather earrings for anyone who wants to add a bit of softness to their minimalist look.

A pair of circular, tan leather earrings.

14. A Simply Stylish Necklace with a heart charm that can be turned sideways, right-side up, or even upside-down depending on your mood.

A chain necklace with an open heart charm.

15. A green onyx gemstone necklace to add just a hint of color to any ensemble.

A person wearing a golden chain necklace with a bar of green onyx gemstone beads.

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