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25 Gifts From Etsy To Show Your Bridesmaids You Appreciate Them

Sparkly earrings, personalized necklaces, and unique rings. Being a bridesmaid never looked so good.

Your bridesmaids do a lot to help you plan your big day. From helping you pick the *perfect* dress to planning the perfect bachelorette party. So why not get them a gift for all of their help? Etsy has *tons* of lovely options to choose from.

Here are some that are sure to make your bridesmaids' day.

1. A simple customized ring they can use to show off the name of their partner, kids, pet, or even their own name!

Five rings in various finishes with names on them

2. A chic tumbler you'll catch them using all the time for their favorite drink because of how cute it is.

Three matte black wine tumblers with names on them

3. A bar necklace so beautiful, they'll wear it with every single outfit because of how well it goes with *everything*.

Three necklaces in different finishes with a gold horizontal bar that has initials on it

4. A pressed lavender necklace for that bridesmaid who is constantly talking about the floral arrangements you'll be having at your wedding and perfecting every detail of them.

The gold necklace with a pressed flower pendant

5. A stunning jewelry dish to store *and* display their rings in what basically looks like a work of art.

Three jewelry dishes in circle and square shapes and in pink, blue, and white

6. A monogrammed hat because it's cute *and* functional. You can also change up the font by requesting a customization!

Two trucker hats, one in white and one in black with monogrammed letters on the front

7. A jewelry bag to make traveling with necklaces way easier, reducing the chance of them having a big ball o' jewelry to untangle. Whew.

8. A lovely necklace that'll show off how much they *truly* love their name.

A gold necklace with a vertical name pendant

9. A can sleeve to keep their drinks nice and cool at your summer bachelorette party by the beach.

Five can coolers on cans in teal, hot pink, and white with the words "Beaches, booze, and besties" on them

10. Pearl drop earrings they'll be able to wear with basically anything *and* that will add the perfect amount of sparkle to their ensemble.

A set of pearl drop earrings

11. A floppy sun hat because it's not only super practical and they'll be able to wear it often, but it's also oh-so-stylish for summer.

A floppy sun hat with a black ribbon and the name Mrs. Jackson on it

12. An arrow bangle to let them know that Cupid really hit your heart when you met them. This will undoubtedly be followed by eye rolls and hugs.

A gold broken arrow band

13. A tiny cactus anklet that'll pay homage to their favorite hot city *and* have a cute lil' personalized touch next to it.

Model is wearing a gold anklet with a cactus charm and a leaf with the letter E on it

14. A set of friendship bracelets because you're never too old to wear these with your besties and they'll definitely love them.

Three teal friendship bracelets with silver arrow charms

15. A compass necklace to remind them that they don't need to look for that one person on Earth who truly appreciates them anymore. It's you.

Model is wearing a necklace with a gold compass and leaf that has the letter A engraved

16. A leather band because their old Apple watch band has seen better days. It's time for an upgrade.

An Apple watch with a pink leather band and rose gold accents

17. A dainty initial necklace that may be small and simple, but creates a beautiful statement they'll want to wear every day.

Model is wearing a dainty necklace with the letter K on it

18. A jewelry organizer with their name on it to proudly display all of their new pieces you got them from this list.

The wood hanger with various necklaces hanging from it and the name Abigail on it in pink

19. A cloth-wrapped bracelet because they loved the outdoor bachelorette adventure so much, they've taken up hiking as their new hobby.

The cloth bracelet in olive green with a wood pendant that says "explore more" on it

20. An acrylic tumbler to fill with their favorite iced coffee and have the perfect pick-me-up to get their day going.

Model is holding a clear acrylic tumbler with the word "wifey" written in gold and donut on top

21. Heart hoop earrings so sweet, you'll literally see hearts form in their eyes when they put these on.

Model is wearing a silver heart hoop earring

22. A woodland charm you can get for each of your bridesmaids that matches their personality the most. It would be a quirky *and* thoughtful gift!

Four woodland charms of a fox, leopard, dog, and panda

23. A birthstone necklace so they'll proudly show off their favorite month of the year. This raw stone gives off such a whimsical vibe that any bridesmaid would love.

Model is wearing a rose gold necklace with a white stone pendant

24. A custom pet portrait because not everyone likes jewelry, but everyone loves their pets!

A portrait of four golden retrievers

25. And a zodiac ring they'll be *starry-eyed* over every time they look down at their finger. Plus, now they have an excuse to talk about horoscopes with unsuspecting strangers.

The gold ring with a zodiac constellation

If you've now got the itch to revamp your entire jewelry collection, head over to Etsy and check out even more pieces!

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