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Just 23 Cool Things From Etsy For You And Everyone In Your Home

A grill, emergency bracelet, slow feeder, and more!

1. A minimal earring stand because it's acrylic and takes up very little visual space while clearly displaying your jewelry.

The displays

2. A ceramic slow feeder that's not only beautiful but will also help your pet can learn to self-regulate their food intake.

The slow feeders

3. A whimsical pet tag so your fur baby can be safely returned to you in the event you're separated.

The pet tag

4. A grill because your teeth deserve a moment to shine ✨ like they never have before. Easily slide these on when you feel like switching things up.

The grillz on a mannequin

5. A white onyx bracelet for anyone going through it right now. White onyx is said to help alleviate mental and emotional stress.

The bracelet

6. Or a jasper bracelet because it's said to help support self-confidence and is considered the ultimate nurturing stone. If you need to be more assertive, try wearing this regularly.

A person wearing the bracelet

7. A monogrammed baseball hat so you and your posse can step out in style. After all, it's probably best to limit your skin's exposure to the sun.

The baseball caps

8. A calming mist for your fur baby that really needs to chill. It's made from a blend of pure essential oil to help soothe your pet when they're stressed out. It can help for humans, too!

9. A set of personalized note cards that'll come in handy when it's time to show someone you care. Plus, they're pretty affordable compared to most custom stationery products.

The monogrammed note cards

10. An affirmation necklace because hopefully keeping these positive words next to your heart will make them really sink in.

The pendant necklace

11. A custom dog portrait so you can have a picture dedicated to your furry family member. Reviewers are just raving about the shop owner's service.

A portrait of two dogs

12. A simple cactus anklet that'll be a subtle flex as you're lounging around the house on a lazy Saturday morning.

The anklet with a small cactus

13. A round gold hoop earring to really take advantage of your "ear estate" so to speak. You've gotta try these if you're obsessed with piercings.

14. A unique, dried lavender flower necklace to keep peace and harmony nearby when you need it most.

a dried lavender encased in glass on a gold chain

15. A dazzling crushed opal ring that'll make a dope gift for anyone born in October. But do you really need an excuse to cop this beautiful stone? We think not 🤪.

the ring with a white opal in the center and a V made of crushed opal going over the stone

16. A golden vertical name necklace for those who never get tired of wearing gold jewelry. This'll layer perfectly with a plunging V-neck top.

A person holding the necklace

17. A vinyl palm decal 🌴 to automatically give an island vibe to anything you put it on. If you've been stuck inside but are yearning for the beach, treat yourself to this.

The sticker on a notebook

18. Or a taco decal to proudly proclaim your love for one of the most versatile, delicious foods.

The taco decal on a computer

19. A cat shelf so you can have dedicated vertical space for your curious kitty. Hopefully, it'll keep them off of your expensive furniture.

The shelves on a wall with kittens inside

20. An emergency bracelet because your child probably doesn't remember everything they're allergic to. Just engrave important health and contact information on this bracelet in case of a crisis.

The bracelets in green

21. A pair of safety pin earrings to complement the most eclectic of outfits. Pair these with some jeans and a graphic tee for a grungy vibe.

A person holding the earrings

22. A colorful lesbian pride pin to pay homage to some of the finest people walking this earth. Plus, it's a super cute and easy way to share who you are.

lesbian rainbow, heart, and pride flag themed pins

23. An elephant pendant that comes in rose quartz, clear quartz, tigers eye, jasper, obsidian, and crystal quartz. Elephants are said to be good luck. So whether you wear it as an accessory or place it somewhere at home, it'll definitely make an impression.

The pendants

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