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Just 14 Beautiful Things To Buy On Etsy Right Now

Dainty jewelry, colorful housewares, and stunning accessories — all from Etsy.

1. A gorgeous Hand Dyed Robe in garden-inspired colors that's silky soft but also machine washable.

A colorful, hand-dyed bathroom.

2. A dainty Floral Pendant Necklace featuring a wild lavender design that symbolizes healing and calmness.

Three gold pendant necklaces with a floral patter on the pendant.

3. An on-trend, hand-dyed Silk Velvet Scrunchie that will look chic on your wrist or in your hair.

An assortment of velvet scrunchies in different colors

4. A Pinstripe Serving Platter that will add a pop of color to your table or make a unique housewarming gift.

A woman holding a striped green and white serving bowl full of oranges

5. A delicate pair of Floral Lace Mesh Crew Socks in gray that will dress up your fave boots or loafers.

Two feet modeling gray mesh and lace socks with a floral pattern

6. A pair of minimalist Small Gold Drop Earrings that are shaped like tiny magnets and can be worn both vertically and horizontally.

7. A Flower Goddess Tote Bag that will look pretty (and witchy!) whether you're carrying home groceries and library books or toting your favorite crystals.

A white tote bag with a gold design featuring a woman's face and flowers

8. A vintage-style Moissanite Rose Gold Band — with marquise-cut, pear-shaped, and round-cut stones — that makes a beautiful and unique wedding band or gift.

A gold band with pear-shaped and round-cut stones.

9. A Big Dipper 7-Bulb Bathroom Light that will make a bright and bold statement whether you choose to mount it on the ceiling or on a wall.

A light fixture with seven bulbs arranged in the shape of the Big Dipper

10. A set of personalized Rose Note Cards that will add a classy touch to your correspondences.

A note card with a rose floral design and the words, "Thank you from Emma Rose"

11. A pair of Acrylic Statement Earrings that will look oh-so-pretty with your favorite sweater.

Gold dangling earrings with a white acrylic half-circle

12. An Ocean Love Stoneware Dinnerware Plate inspired by the colors of the sea that will brighten up any meal.

13. A gorgeous Raw Opal Twig and Branch Ring inspired by nature that is truly one of a kind.

A gold ring with a band shaped like a tree branch holding a raw opal stone

14. An Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Cover with a green cactus design that will liven up that old duvet cover.

Whether you're looking for a gift or a way to treat yourself, Etsy is the place to go for beautiful, unique finds.