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13 Colorful Jewelry Picks To Brighten Up Your Day

These accessories make perfect gifts too!

1. This beaded bracelet that comes in a huge range of colors, including sage, rainbow, and royal blue.

A stack of beaded bracelets in shades of pink.

2. These Monstera palm earrings that are a must-have for any plant-lover.

A person wearing the green and gold earrings.

3. This stretch bracelet that's made with natural amethyst gemstone beads.

A purple amethyst beaded bracelet.

4. These pompom earrings that'll add some colorful cheer to any outfit.

An array of pompom earrings in different colors

5. This beautiful mood ring that blends sophisticated style with retro fun.

A moodring with a blue and green stone.

6. These artsy-chic gemstone earrings that are made from recycled guitar strings.

A pair of guitar string earrings with beaded centers.

7. These two-toned clay earrings with botanical imprints that'll add floral flair to your look.

Earrings with floral imprints in a range of color options.

8. This personalized double birthstone ring. You can choose the birthstones of your kids, yourself and your significant other, or any other loved ones in your life.

A person wearing a range of birthstone rings.

9. This rectangular green stone ring. Wear it alone for a simply stylish look that goes with any outfit, or stack a few in different colors for a bolder accent.

A person wearing a rectangular green stone ring.

10. This nautical turquoise anklet that's the perfect way to add summer fun to any season.

A turquoise anklet set on a compass.

11. These lightweight clip-on earrings made from dark wood that's inlaid with turquoise.

A person wearing the turquoise earrings.

12. A necklace that comes in a range of gemstone options and goes great with any outfit, from work ensembles to night-out looks.

A person wearing an amethyst necklace.

13. This beaded wrap bracelet to add some sparkle to your day.

A purple beaded wrap bracelet.