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12 Things You'll Only Understand If You're The Boss

There's more to the job than sitting in the corner office. Often you have to be the one to make tough decisions. At least you can alleviate the stress of planning for one’s retirement by providing your employees with some great retirement options from E*TRADE.

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8. People's work is never "crap," it’s just "missing the mark."


Offering your criticism is a delicate dance; you want people to be motivated to do better work without crushing their spirits.

11. If employees see you outside of the office, they'll likely be awkward about it.


Some will avoid you. Some will say hi. Some will be uncommonly friendly. Either way, it's like they're seeing a dog on its hind legs.

12. Company outings will make you everybody's best friend.


It's good for employees to have some team-building time to play paintball (or drink on the company's tab... or ride some roller coasters...); it's even better when you're credited for making it happen.

When you're running the place, let E*TRADE help you with your company's retirement:

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