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12 Smart Tips All Pregnant Women Want Everyone Else To Know

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1. Don’t freak out if we start crying at the most random times.

Hormones are very real, and they are very unpredictable.

2. You can hug us...

We’re not made of glass. People seem to think that even bumping into our shoulder will cause us to shatter, but we’re like “It’s cool. I am a human fortress to this lil’ baby. We’re good.”

3. ...but please don’t ask to touch our bellies.

Let us invite you to feel the belly first. We’ll ask if you want to feel a kick if we’re up to it!

4. Doing our chores will go a very long way.

OK, not all the chores, but pregnancy glow is scientifically proven to appear when a pregnant woman comes home to no dishes in the sink or clothes on the floor.

5. Talk to us about literally anything but the baby sometime.

Everyone just wants to talk about the baby right away when you’re pregnant, but we’re still into the same stuff we were before the bump. Let’s talk last night’s GoT.

6. You don’t need to understand our bizarre cravings — you just need to accept them.

We get that they’re weird — we don’t know why we want them, but we’ve accepted it, and we are gonna eat the pickles dipped in peanut butter and sprinkled with chili powder. Constantly.

7. We’re aware that we’re snacking like all the time.

Hey, we’re just doing what the boss (the baby) tells us. Take it up with them.

8. When we’re being irrational, don’t tell us we’re being irrational.

Our threshold for patience seems to shrink as the baby grows. Hormones again.

9. Your heavy perfume and cologne might be ruining our day.

No offense, everyone wants to smell good, but our heightened sense of smell is less of a superpower and more of a thing that makes us more susceptible to bouts of nausea.

10. Compliments are great...

We’re not always feeling like our cute old selves in this rapidly changing new body, so sincere compliments can make our day.

11. ...but foot rubs are better.

It’s a twofer: Our physically tired feet and swollen ankles are given some relief, and our feet get consolation for not getting to wear fierce heels anymore.

12. Never start a sentence with “Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean...”

No. Wrong.

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