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12 Smart Tips All Pregnant Women Want Everyone Else To Know

When it comes to pregnancy, trust the women who have been there. When it comes to making the smart choice for home and auto insurance when it matters most, trust Esurance.

1. Don’t freak out if we start crying at the most random times.

2. You can hug us...

3. ...but please don’t ask to touch our bellies.

4. Doing our chores will go a very long way.

5. Talk to us about literally anything but the baby sometime.

6. You don’t need to understand our bizarre cravings — you just need to accept them.

7. We’re aware that we’re snacking like all the time.

8. When we’re being irrational, don’t tell us we’re being irrational.

9. Your heavy perfume and cologne might be ruining our day.

10. Compliments are great...

11. ...but foot rubs are better.

12. Never start a sentence with “Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean...”

Here’s one more smart tip: Make sure your home and auto are protected with Esurance.

Animation by Kevin Valente / © BuzzFeed.Com