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Paid PostPosted on May 9, 2016

15 Smart Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Instantly Easier

Ah, technology. <3 In this modern world, the smart choice is Esurance — they use technology to make it easy to find auto and home insurance that’s right for you. Whoop whoop.

1. Ray Super Remote

Ray / Via

For those who never want to dig in the couch to find the remote again, here's Ray. This guy lets you control your entertainment super simply.

2. Dual-Heated Travel Mug

Think Geek / Via

The hassle of commuting is typically lessened by two things: good music and good coffee. To keep the latter warm and delicious on your daily drive, there's this sweet travel mug you can plug into your car or USB port once at work.

3. Prep Pad

Prep Pad / Via

This food scale that pairs with an app shows you your food in a whole new way: It beautifully displays the exact amount of carbs, protein, and fats you're about to consume on your screen.

4. Clever Kebab

Clever Kebab / Via

Let's keep the theme of making food simple going. Check out this Clever Kebab — it's here to make grilling lovers' lives better (like, 15-beautiful-kebabs-at-a-time better). You just gotta layer the ingredients inside, put the skewers in, and slice through 'em! This thing includes a knife sharpener, and it also moonlights as a juicer.



This device is both beauty and brains. It's not clunky or heavy and charges your battery 3x faster.

6. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa / Via

This is the perfect smart gadget for parents or future parents; it keeps track of all the important info when a family member is feeling unwell and provides real-time medical advice.

7. PureLiving Purifying Rechargeable Wand System

PureLiving / Via

Allow yourself to become a dust fairy. All you gotta do to keep your home almost entirely free of bacteria, mold, viruses, and dust mites is pass this totally magic wand over any surface.

8. 1500LM LED Projector Multi-Media Player & Smart Home Theater System

JmGO Mstar / Via

Take family movie nights to a whole other level with this beautiful projector.

9. Nokē Bluetooth Padlock

Noke / Via

UM, so, this app-controlled lock is pretty badass when you consider your phone becomes your key. We say it's perfect for scatterbrained peeps...and really anyone.

10. Zoe

Zoe / Via

So, multifaceted Zoe is a device that can help you get all sorts of things done at home once you set it up on your phone. For example, if the temperature drops, the heating system will turn on. She can also talk, and you can ask her to turn your music on whenever you're ready to party.

11. Corn Twister

The Gadget Flow / Corn Twister / Via

Forget using knives to get your corn off the cob. Just use this lil' gadget and get to seamlessly twisting off kernels.

12. Laser Projection Keyboard

Uncommon Goods / Via

This gadget will become your tablet's bae in no time. It fits in your pocket and works with Bluetooth, anddd it has motion-sense lasers that allow your hand to be the mouse!

13. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Uncommon Goods / Via

You'll never lose your keys again with this tracking tag, which also happens to be pretty cool-looking.

14. Satechi Universal Game Controller

The Gadget Flow / Satechi / Via

Enhance everybody's gaming experience significantly with this game controller.

15. Space-Saving Upright Bike Stand

Hammacher Schlemmer / Via

If a bike you own, this thing you must have. (Sorry for the Yoda talk, but we needed to convey wisdom.)

Using modern stuff is smart. And smart people get Esurance.