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15 Smart Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Instantly Easier

Ah, technology. <3 In this modern world, the smart choice is Esurance — they use technology to make it easy to find auto and home insurance that’s right for you. Whoop whoop.

1. Ray Super Remote

2. Dual-Heated Travel Mug

3. Prep Pad

4. Clever Kebab


6. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

7. PureLiving Purifying Rechargeable Wand System

8. 1500LM LED Projector Multi-Media Player & Smart Home Theater System

9. Nokē Bluetooth Padlock

10. Zoe

11. Corn Twister

12. Laser Projection Keyboard

13. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

14. Satechi Universal Game Controller

15. Space-Saving Upright Bike Stand

Using modern stuff is smart. And smart people get Esurance.