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14 Ingenious Things Every Driving Parent Desperately Needs

These gadgets help make every parent a smart driver, and smart drivers get Esurance for their car insurance needs.

1. This tablet that conveniently holds 30 games:

2. This cup that won't spill:

3. This bag that makes life significantly easier:

4. This sweet power cup:

5. This parked-car finder:

6. This fuzz-proof mat:

7. This organic hat that makes us sleepy just looking at it:

8. This vacuum that's quite ~practical~:

9. Keep your backseat drivers occupied with this good-looking DVD player:

10. Or mount that tablet with this lil' buddy:

11. This comfy seat headrest:

12. This book for the copiloting parent that will have your offspring thinking you're ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS at all times:

13. This fun combo will keep 'em smart!

14. And this portable DVD player ain't a shabby investment either:

And let’s not forget, Esurance is the smart choice when it comes to your car insurance. (Are we there yet?)