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14 Ingenious Things Every Driving Parent Desperately Needs

These gadgets help make every parent a smart driver, and smart drivers get Esurance for their car insurance needs.

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5. This parked-car finder:

The Gadget Flow / Via

LOOK, PARENTS ARE BUSY PEOPLE. WE FORGET THINGS... Sometimes it's shampooing, and sometimes it's where we left the car. This gadget will make you feel #blessed.

8. This vacuum that's quite ~practical~:

Hammacher Schlemmer / Via

Reach into the deep dark corners of your car with this beautiful machine — every cookie crumb and remnant of animal cracker will be a thing of the past.

13. This fun combo will keep 'em smart!

Toys R Us / Via

And away from your phone! They can learn about all sorts of things such as numbers, animals, and instruments as you drive 'em to MawMaw's.

And let’s not forget, Esurance is the smart choice when it comes to your car insurance. (Are we there yet?)

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