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10 Car Accessories That You Never Knew You Needed​

Custom errrything. You personalize your car because sorta your car isn’t your car. With Esurance, you get a personalized set of discounts to help make sure you only pay for what’s right for you, not someone sorta like you.

1. This panda tissue box for when your child's cold has left a cuteness void in your life:

2. These car eyelashes, for when you (and your car) are feeling sorta flirty:

3. This attachment for when your car must provide the utmost luxury seating for its cutest passenger:

4. This hood ornament, because only your car has what it takes to sport the illuminated-eye chrome donkey:

5. This programmable musical speaker, because everyone wants a customized car horn, right?

6. This window-wiper puppy, because the rain can’t keep you from wagging your tail:

7. This French-fry holder, because America:

8. These rims, because a teddy bear cartwheeling down the street brings so much joy into your life:

9. These giant googly eyes to help scare the bejesus out of your neighbor's noisy dog:

10. And this air freshener, because the fresh clean scent of mac ‘n' cheese makes your life complete:

Accessorize your car for you, not someone sorta you.

And at Esurance, we think your car insurance should reflect who you are just as much as your rearview mirror adornment. That's why we use smart technology to help make sure you only pay for what's right for you, not someone sorta like you.