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Hummingbird Heartbeat

Me, myself and I

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I wake up to the sun rays sneaking up onto my bare skin

Alexis Dale

The sheets are intertwined with my body, making it difficult to expose myself

I finally break free

I rise and open the windows and as my eyes are closed I take my first breath of fresh air

I can smell the cool breeze coming from the mountains, I can feel the vibrations of the many cars zooming through the narrow streets, I can feel the goosebumps emerging, I can sense that it’s going to be a sunny day but with a hint of scattered clouds

I open my eyes and the first thing I noticed in the middle of this craze filled environment, is a single humming bird.

Nancy Torres

All alone.

No other bird around him.

Simple and carefree.

I stand by the window for a while just watching and grasping how, I too, was by myself, simple and carefree.

Astonished. Relating to such a small creature.

Seeing the flashing colors of its wings, made my heart race.

I felt as though my heart was in sync with his, beating at 1260bpm.

I took a moment to: Stop, breathe, be…

Stop. Thoughts of all the negativity, bad and ugly in my life

Breathe in/ Breathe out. I got rid of all the negativity, bad and ugly thoughts in my head

Be. Making room for nothing but pure positivity and virtuous vibes


I had to learn that accepting who I am and where I am in life is the only way to be truly free

How beautiful it is to love yourself unconditionally, with no fear

I learned that the only way to truly understand your heart is to be…

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