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    11 Times Constance Wu From "Fresh Off The Boat" Had The Best Response To Life

    Wu taught us.

    Constance Wu, the brilliant, hilarious, and stunning actress who plays Jessica Huang on Fresh Off The Boat, literally ALWAYS has the answer.

    And she keeps it all the way real, all the time!

    1. Like when she perfectly summed up real success:

    2. Or when she talked the importance of embracing her identity in her work:

    3. When she gave us the key to self-fulfillment:

    4. When she basically told Hollywood they had diversity twisted:

    5. And then when she told the haters they had her job twisted:

    6. When she gave you the perfect life advice:

    7. When she so eloquently spoke about storytelling and its power to enlighten others:

    8. When she had the show's inspiration Eddie Huang's back after this Twitter rant:

    9. When she cleared up your misunderstanding of self-worth... and then slid in a lesson on friendship:

    10. When she broke down why Asian representation alone isn't good enough:

    11. When she revealed the beauty of your cultural perspective, and then got hella blunt about anyone who tried to convince you otherwise:

    Basically, Wu knows everything and we should all aspire to be just as ballsy, smart, and perfect as she is.