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    Here's What The World's 21 Most Beautiful Supermodels Look Like

    Spoiler alert: You don't have to be skinny and blonde to be super.

    1. Fashion Week is popping off all over the world!

    2. A bunch of fancy people are linking up in New York, Milan, Paris, and London, and they're wearing even fancier clothes that cost a whole lotta cash.

    3. But more beautiful than the clothes are the head-turning, can't-stop-staring gorgeous models.

    4. I mean, can we just take a minute to appreciate this perfect pout?

    5. The last time we tried to look this fierce we just looked angry. TELL US YOUR WAYS, PERFECT ONE😩.

    6. So are there exercises we can do for these cheek bones? Like cheek squats or somethin'?

    7. We demand that his hair products be revealed NOW! Along with the name of whoever did his brows.

    8. Her hair + her eyes + her tatts = our entire lives!

    9. Her haircut is badass, her skin is glowing, and her face is chiseled for the fashion GAWDS. She wins.

    10. She looks like she KNOWS she looks good, and we support it.

    11. Just when we thought we had eyeliner down, this beauty humbled our little souls.

    12. Her face is so gorgeous she has to hold it. NEXT. LEVEL!

    13. Oh, hey stunning woman who looks like a doll come to life.

    14. We literally just wanna bathe in whatever she put on her skin. And this eyeliner? PERFECTION!

    15. Never will we ever find a sweeter face. This is the kind of person you just wanna hug!

    16. We haven't seen a 'fro this perfect since baby Michael Jackson. He lives on!

    17. All we want is to look this effortless in every picture we ever take from this day on.

    18. His Bantu-knot game and jawline make us love him...but also kinda hate on him...but mostly love him.

    19. So apparently regular humans can look like perfectly illustrated superheroes.

    20. THIS is how you do natural makeup. We could never.

    21. Tbh, it's not fair to be this beautiful. It's just not.