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Which High-End Makeup And Skin Care Products Are Worth The Price Tag?

You get what you pay for.

Makeup and skin care can really add up!

Before you know it, you're at the register with two cell phone bills' worth of masks, scrubs, highlighter, matte lipstick, and eyeliner.

me: "I just need to go to target for one thing" cashier: "your total is 273.89" me:

And while you can find good dupes for a lot of your faves...

...There's some stuff that you just HAVE to splurge on!

Maybe it's these $79 one time-use foil masks with "repair technology."

Or maybe it's this "light-weight, moussey" matte lipstick that'll run you $20 a pop.

So tell us in the comments below: What life-changing makeup or skin care products are totally worth the splurge and why?