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What's The Wildest Thing That Happened To You As A Working Woman?

Tfw when you're 4, 5 seconds from wildin'.

In case you're hiding under a rock, it's the year 2017 and women are KILLING it in medicine, politics, home and childcare, academia, law, sports, entertainment, and just about every other professional industry out there.

But in our rise to the top, we gotta deal with A LOT of shit along the way.

Like classic sexism, where we're expected to stay within our assigned gender roles...

...And flat-out racism because people can't handle that we're the best at our jobs.

But what about when we work just as hard, or harder, as our colleagues and it goes unnoticed?

Or when we are literally sexually harassed on the job? THE WORRRRRRST!

It's all just so exhausting, so vent and let it out in the comments below, sis: Tell us about the time(s) you had to deal with some B.S. on the job and how you addressed the issue.