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What Do You Know Now About Beauty That You Wish You'd Known As A Teen?


Remember some years back when your hormones were raging and you hated your mom?

As if the not-so-kind journey of teen-hood wasn't enough on its own, every magazine and show marketed to your evolving being bombarded you with images of how you should look and be.

It felt like hell then, but looking back, you now know that it was all nonsense and your thick thighs were actually awesome AF.

So if you could give your teen self any advice about beauty—internally or externally—what would it be?

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Curling your hair every day = heat damage, being a mean girl actually isn't cute; you know the drill.

Maybe a teen wandering through high school or college can benefit from your wisdom.

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So tell us in the comments below: What advice would you give your teen self about beauty, on the outside and/or inside?

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