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    This Is What Wedding Hair Looks Like In 56 Different Cities

    Brides from around the world show off their wedding day hairstyles.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their wedding day hairstyles and where they tied the knot. Here are some of their gorgeous 'do's from different cities in the U.S. and abroad.

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    1. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

    "My stylist, Kim of Poetically Brushed Hair" —sunnyt4bb59cdb3

    2. Burlingame, California

    3. Lawton, Oklahoma

    "I wore mine with loose curls and a side part. To add a pop I wore a blue veil!" —ninah47f84f582

    4. American Canyon, CA

    "My husband drove all over town and finally found a flower market that carried these flowers." —katies4f218f03c

    5. Surabaya, Indonesia

    "This is called Paes, a traditional Javanese bridal makeup and hairdo. There are several types of Paes depending on the area of origin, most notably from the cities Jogja and Solo. The hairdo mostly consists of an intricate bun, squiggles on the forehead made of a wax substance, gold jewelry (usually of uneven numbers), and strands of jasmine flowers. Those squiggles have their own elaborate measurements and bridal makeup artists usually have to complete several sets of training before they can master the Paes look." —rockregnum

    6. Montrose, Pennsylvania

    7. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    8. San Diego, California

    "We eloped at Coronado Beach in San Diego, so I did loose curls and wore a baby’s breath crown." —pims2

    9. Gladstone, New Jersey

    "My now husband wanted me to wear my hair natural, but I didn’t trust my natural curls to the elements. Instead, I had it flat ironed, barrel curled, and loosely tucked and pinned behind my ear on one side." —gigimomster

    10. Memphis, Tennessee

    "My mom always did my hair for events like high school dances, etc. so of course I had her do my wedding hair too." —evlynvanderv

    11. Terryville, Connecticut

    "Kept my hair simple, loose curls and a flower crown I made myself! We had a very DIY wedding. My friend did my hair, makeup, and freaking MADE my wedding dress herself. A lot of people gave me heck for that, but I ended up with a beautiful custom wedding and dress that didn’t look like all the rest. I loved it. We got married at Wood Acres Farm in Connecticut." —carlye419733f4c

    12. St. Florian, Alabama

    "My hairdresser had to back out the night before for a family emergency so my friends ended up doing my hair and makeup. She pulled off these amazing side swept curls with braids on the right side to blend in the undercut I was growing out! Oh, and the lace on my veil was taken from my mom’s wedding dress." —lauren0022

    13. Columbus, Indiana

    "This is a practice run for my wedding, which is in two weeks! We're getting married in Columbus, Indiana. My mom created the braided updo, and I made the floral piece myself out of silk flowers." —richmondk12

    14. Toledo, Ohio

    "Needed my hair out of my face and off my neck. I get fussy with my hair because it makes me too hot. I had my stylist use a hair donut to get the volume and make sure the curls stayed in place, and we did a waterfall braid around the crown of my head. Happy this photo is me backwards because my father made me ugly cry during our dance. May 13, 2017." —l4efef04e1

    15. Chicago, Illinois

    "I wanted the day to be stress-free and my hair to be easy with loose, long curls." —sarahsitta

    16. Wellington, New Zealand

    "February 1st, 2014." —xsie

    17. Los Angeles, California

    18. Kansas City, Missouri

    "Did my own hair with help from my stepmom and maid of honor! A tiara and ringlet curls! We got married in Kansas City, Missouri in December of 2016 ❤️" —jordanashleyf

    19. Pasco, Washington

    "Married November 13, 2010 in Pasco, Washington. I wore my hair with a side part, half-up and half-down with loose curls. We decided to cut and curl the ends of the tiara I had and pin it just above the twist on the back of my head instead of wearing it the traditional way, and I loved it!" —d4f0eb543e

    20. Johnstown, Pennsylvania

    "Married 11/11/11 (easy enough date to remember, right?) My one cousin did my hair, makeup, and nails, and another cousin took all the wedding pictures. One of the few days my curls behaved!" —Silvermystique

    21. Austin, Texas

    "Austin, TX // Nov 2017. I did my own hair! Mostly because I wanted to look like myself on my wedding day annnnnd I was ballin’ on a budget! Anyway, I rocked a style I normally wear — I just added the pillbox veil. My hair was behaving that day. I was very happy! —natashag4fe93a936

    22. Seattle, Washington

    "My wife and I had a small DIY wedding in Seattle, which included being my own stylist. A low twist and ponytail gussied up with a gorgeous starfish, pearl, and rhinestone head band purchased off of Etsy, which I pinned above the twist. I felt like Ariel on her wedding day; a mermaid on land!" —soc4e9c7d7d5

    23. Rochester, New York

    "Half up, half down with romantic curls ❤️. It was in Rochester, NY September 2017" —hilarym46492380b

    24. Memphis, Tennessee

    "It was up in a small bun, but I took it down for the reception. My hair was magenta for the big day!" —mrsbarnesela

    25. Springfield, Massachusetts

    "With and without the veil ♡." —kristinti

    26. Gatesville, Texas

    "My husband and I got married in our hometown Gatesville, Texas! I love everything floral, so I decided for my hair to have a flower crown and long, floating waves! I loved doing something different and bold that was also natural and earthy." —shelbss11

    27. Bradenton, Florida

    "Swooped back into this masterpiece. It was beautiful, plus I got to keep the 500 bobby pins I pulled out at the end of the night. Bradenton, FL." —mariaj4e7017ad6

    28. Salt Lake City, Utah

    "I'm very self-conscious about my thin hair, but my wonderful cousin made me feel beautiful. Salt Lake City, Utah weddings are the best!" —iambe87

    29. New Orleans, Louisiana

    "We got married in NOLA. I wanted to keep it light with a black band to match the shoes." —juliac4ed29b34d

    30. Watkins Glen, New York

    "Pulled back into a loose low bun and loose pieces in front. I wanted the veil and tiara to be the focal point." —stephanieg4b06eea4e

    31. Cairo, Egypt

    "My wedding was at a villa in Cairo, Egypt. An updo was a must in case it was hot. I did it myself since I didn’t want a helmet look. My friend brought the headpiece and it was my something borrowed." —ktannee

    32. Albany, New York

    33. Lynchburg, Virginia

    "I absolutely LOVED my hair at my wedding. A super loose braid with some embellishments braided within it. It was romantic but not stuffy and stiff." —kelseys489ad6ae4

    34. St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands

    "It stayed perfect throughout a beach wedding in St. Croix, USVI!" —leglin

    35. East Northport, New York

    "12❄️9❄️16" —jacquelinegabrielle

    36. Butler, Pennsylvania

    "Our Derby themed wedding in Butler, Pennsylvania." —karam4656fd9bf

    37. Holyoke, Massachusetts

    "I loved my hair, done by the wonderful Lindsay from Carve Beauty Bar in Holyoke, MA. She totally rocked it!" —allisonpink21

    38. Wausau, Wisconsin

    "Romantic curls with white wax flowers." —dream82mp

    39. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    40. San Diego, California

    "We eloped at city hall in San Diego. It took me less than an hour to get ready. All I did for my hair was use a wand with a bit of spray and topped it with a $10 flower crown from Forever 21. The dress is Forever 21 as well! It's actually a white maxi with a lace cover-up on top. The entire look cost less than $100 from Forever 21!" —joellekayt

    41. Andover, New Jersey

    "April 6, 2018. I kept it simple with curled hair and a tiara because I wanted to feel like a princess at my Disney wedding. This was the best picture showing my hairstyle that didn't have other people in it." —rm545

    42. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    "Simple curls for a simple Justice of the Peace wedding." —ericahall87

    43. Houston, Texas

    "Down and natural. Too hot and humid in Houston for anything else!" —lizm4b029d688

    44. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

    45. Mahwah, New Jersey

    46. Chittenden, Vermont

    "We eloped in Vermont so my best man-dog, Onyx, could be there. He passed away 6 weeks later." —melissak4bd4659dc

    47. Mukwonago, Wisconsin

    "Wonderful picture my mom took with her phone! I loved my hair with the mix of braids, twists, and sunflowers ❤️." —s4c240e672

    48. Springbrook, Wisconsin

    49. Booneville, Arkansas

    50. Houston, Texas

    51. Austin, Texas

    52. Wyandotte, Michigan

    "Taken by my sister in the limo on the way to do pictures. Small victory rolls in front, and the back was partly up in roses, which were awesome with the red hair. I wore a tiny headpiece to keep it vintage looking. Wedding was in Wyandotte, Michigan last year, June 24th. Almost a whole year!" —leeb4db3951c5

    53. Denver, Colorado

    "My bridal hair just a week and a half ago!" —jennieb4f04a65b2

    54. Point Pleasant, New Jersey

    "This was my trial look by @ebonyartistry4u and @tralinohairaddict! (I have to plug them. They’re both AMAZING and made me feel beyond gorgeous on my wedding day.) I always knew I wanted long hair for my wedding and it took me quite a few years to grow out but I couldn’t be happier with my look!" —blarsen1989

    55. Yorktown, Virginia

    "A good friend did it using my crazy curly hair as a jumping off point. It stayed up all night, and I took out the adornments and kept the bobby pins in as a look for the next two days of my honeymoon!" —cobaltchaos

    Yaaaaaas, brides! Y'all did THAT!!!

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