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    Here Are 10 Ways To Stretch Your Hair Without Using Heat

    Because those "curl-stretching" products are a damn lie!

    1. Banding

    EverSoGorgeous / Via

    EverSoGorgeous does the banding method, dividing her hair into two sections and wrapping a hair tie down the length of each section. It should basically look like two pigtails. After a few hours, or the next day, she gently unwinds the hair ties.

    Watch her tutorial here.

    2. African Threading

    Luchi Loyale / Via

    Luchi Loyale threads her 4B/C hair, taking individual sections and wrapping thread around each one from the root to the ends. Once she removes the threads, it gives her natural a blowout effect.

    Watch the magic go down here.

    3. Bantu Knot-Out

    trophdoph / Via

    Trophdoph does a Bantu knot-out for full, voluminous hair. You can wear the knots for however long you want, and then take them out for stretched curls when you're ready.

    See all her tips for the perfect Bantu knot-out here.

    4. Wash & Go Twists

    JoyceMD / Via

    After her wash and go dries, JoyceMD twists it in very large sections. She ties it with a satin scarf and sleeps in the twists overnight. The next day, she takes the twists out and gets peak stretch!

    See how she does it here.

    5. Double Pineapple

    ShekinahShazaam / Via

    Before bed, ShekinahShazaam pulls her hair into two pineapples, securing them with satin scrunchies. Instead of just pulling all of her hair into the sections at once, she pulls small sections one at a time.

    It's so easy. Get the steps here.

    6. Jumbo Braid

    SummyrTyme / Via

    A jumbo braid is one of three ways SummyrTyme elongates her curls. She pulls all her hair to the front of her head, only braiding the root. Then she secures the loose ends with a scrunchie and sleeps in the braid overnight.

    Get the deets for the jumbo braid, plus two other easy ways to stretch your curls, here.

    7. High Bun

    TheALGLifestyle / Via

    Andrea of TheALGLifestyle loosely buns her hair and leaves it in overnight or for a couple of days. Once she takes it down, her curls are more stretched.

    Watch her bunning method, plus three other ways she stretches her curls, here.

    8. CWK Rubber Plates

    SimplyJade101 / Via

    SimplyJade101 uses CWK Rubber Plates to get this blown out look. You can sleep in the plates or wear them around the house until your hair is dry. Once it's dry, take out the plates.

    Watch how she installs the plates here.

    9. Flat Twist-Out

    Samirah Gilli / Via

    Samirah Gilli horizontally parts sections of her hair with a rattail comb and then flat twists each section. Once the product from the twists is dry, she takes the twists out for defined and stretched curls.

    Watch how she gets the look here.

    10. Braid-Out

    JeweJewe Bee / Via

    JeweJewe Bee does a braid-out on her freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. She does the braids very neatly so that she can wear them out for a day or two until her hair is completely dry. She then takes out the braids.

    Watch the whole thing from start to finish here.