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    Victoria's Secret Models Ditched The Extensions And Wore Their Real Hair On The Runway

    Weave is dope, but so is what ya mama gave ya!

    Remember last year when the stunning beauty Maria Borges made history as the first Victoria's Secret model to rock her natural Afro? AND she repped her home country Angola's colors in this beautiful ensemble?!

    Well, last night she did it again, rocking her flawlessly tapered twa (teeny weeny Afro) and an outfit to honor her "beloved continent, Africa!"

    But she wasn't alone as other models of color, inspired by the Angolan trailblazer, also rocked their natural curls and coils.

    Alanna Arrington walked her very first VS show last night, and she did it wearing her natural, loose and tousled spirals.

    Jourdana Phillips slayed a very low blonde cut that made us appreciate her face all the more.

    Let's talk about this skin and smile, tho!!!

    And Harieth Paul also shut it down, taking to IG to say she couldn't hold back the tears after walking her first show.

    Then she posted this backstage moment with Borges and Phillips, officially introducing their squad as the #BuzzCutAngels!

    Round of applause, ladies👏👏👏 Cheering you on as you show the many faces—and hairstyles—of beauty!!!