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    Tracee Ellis Ross's New Clothing Line Is Body-Inclusive, Affordable, And Actually Cute AF

    We want everything. Literally, everythiiing!!!

    Tracee Ellis Ross, America's favorite TV mom right now and one of the biggest style icons of our generation, just announced a new holiday collection with JC Penney, and it's cute AF!!!

    We're gonna give you all the deets, but first, THIS DRESS!!! It's called the Glow dress 'cause duh, and it's only $74.

    Ross designed every piece herself and revealed that her collection is "for everybody and every body!" — with sizes ranging from small to 3X.

    The collection, which features 45 pieces, is priced from $9 to $75, and officially goes on sale November 12!!!

    We literally have no words except: IS IT NOVEMBER 12 YET???