This Genius Makeup Hack Will Change The Way You Swatch Forever

    We tried it and it actually works!

    Swatches. How insanely satisfying to look at, right?!

    And if you're a beauty lover who's also part of this social media–crazed generation, you've probably tried to swatch an eye palette here or a lip collection there.

    But unless you're a geometry wiz or crazy-good artist, getting even, equally spaced, and visually pleasing swatches can be, like, really hard!

    Or at least it USED to be hard, until we browsed upon this clever little hack that involves tape, your fave makeup, and maybe another person, depending on your coordination skills.

    On her blog Taken By Surprise, Jessica-Anne shows us how to use Scotch tape as a stencil for perfectly even swatches. For one swatch, she sticks four pieces of tape to her hand, connecting them at the corners so that a rectangle opening is left in the center.

    Then she fills in the space with product, with no worries of going outside the lines because the tape acts as a shield. Once she fills in the space, she slowly pulls off the pieces of tape to find a perfect swatch!


    For more swatches, Jessica-Anne basically does the same thing, but she makes the side pieces of tape way longer. For super-straight rectangles, you may wanna ask a friend to tape you up.

    And just like before, she gently pulls off each piece of tape. No mess, and the swatches look amazing!

    BuzzFeed's TopKnot actually tried out the tape trick for this video, and can we say swatched perfection?!

    For other little tricks and tips to perfect your swatches, check out the blog post on Taken By Surprise!