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This Genius Makeup Hack Will Change The Way You Swatch Forever

We tried it and it actually works!

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And if you're a beauty lover who's also part of this social media–crazed generation, you've probably tried to swatch an eye palette here or a lip collection there.


On her blog Taken By Surprise, Jessica-Anne shows us how to use Scotch tape as a stencil for perfectly even swatches. For one swatch, she sticks four pieces of tape to her hand, connecting them at the corners so that a rectangle opening is left in the center.

Then she fills in the space with product, with no worries of going outside the lines because the tape acts as a shield. Once she fills in the space, she slowly pulls off the pieces of tape to find a perfect swatch!

If you happen to get a little product outside of your center rectangle, just dap a cotton swab in makeup remover and gently smudge it away.


For other little tricks and tips to perfect your swatches, check out the blog post on Taken By Surprise!