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    This Seriously Stunning Supermodel Just Made Major History On The Cover Of Elle Magazine

    "AFRICA, this one is for you!"

    By now you should know the next-level stunning goddess that is Maria Borges.

    The supermodel is known for lots of things, like her legs that just won't quit and her selfie game that makes the world a better place, tbh.

    But she's probably most noted for becoming the first supermodel to wear her natural 'fro at Victoria's Secret 2015 fashion show.

    And because modeling is so much more than ruling the runway for Borges, she just made history AGAIN as the first African woman to cover Elle magazine since 1997!!!

    In an excerpt from the magazine's May issue, she says, "The fashion industry is here for everyone, [regardless] of color or race. When I was growing up, I never saw someone like me, and now the other girls can see someone like them. It's all about inspiration."

    The Angolan beauty tweeted that she was honored to be the magazine's first African woman cover this century, and she thanked her fans for all the support.