This Model Had The Perfect Response When A Reporter Asked What She'd Eat After A Fashion Show

    Don't come for Magdalena!

    This is model Magdalena Frackowiak!

    And last night, she werked the HELL out of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

    But our favorite moment—and quite possibly the greatest in VS history—is when she clapbacked at a TMZ reporter backstage.

    The reporter asked the models about their "fatty food" cravings and what they were looking forward to finally eating after the show.

    But when he made his way to Frackowiak, she quickly retaliated with the perfect response.

    The model said, "This is stupid! Ask more smart questions."

    The reporter then tried to apologize, but before he could get a full sentence out, Frackowiak gave him the hand and sent him on his way.

    DON'T test Queen Magdalena!

    Watch the historic moment here!

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    Warning: TMZ titled the video, "'VS Fashion Show' ... Backstage With Hot Models Who Crave Fatty Foods."