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This Beauty Vlogger Proved That Makeup's Darkest Shades Still Aren't Dark Enough

Hey, beauty companies! You know dark-skinned people love makeup too, right?!

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She started a series called The Darkest Shade on her YouTube channel, and she tries various makeup brands' darkest shades in products like foundation and contour to see if they're really a match for people with dark skin tones.

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Nyma Tang / Via

Not only was the foundation too light, but Nyma had to travel to four or five different stores before finding one that actually carried the shade for people with dark skin.

Nyma Tang / Via

"I am so frustrated at the lengths I had to go to get my hands on this foundation... It's really frustrating when the darker shades of certain makeup aren't available in all the stores," she vents in the video. "You can kind of tell which store is going to have it, depending on the demographic. That's something that really bothers me... I had to go to I think four or five different Walmarts to get my hands on this foundation."


Nyma has tested quite a few shades for her series and found that other big brand products, like Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick and Makeup For Ever's Ultra HD Foundation, were also a let-down.

Nyma Tang / Via

In the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, Nyma tried the darkest shade Espresso, and the shade R540 in Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation.

"I do not have anything against Kim Kardashian at all... The reason why I'm doing this video, not to bash her, but to bring awareness to these kinds of situations where this contour stick would seem like it completely disregarded us," Nyma says in the review.

Nyma says she enjoys doing the series because it shows how much work needs to be done in the beauty industry. "It can be really disheartening to people to not be included, to not be considered," she says. "It would make you feel like there's something wrong with you. And I'm here to say there's nothing wrong with you."