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    21 Things Every Guy Should Know About His Black Girlfriend's Hair

    Don't ever touch her head scarf.

    1. Touching her hair is OK, but ONLY if the two of you are official and exclusive.

    2. Your boo privileges, however, do not extend to your curious friends and family members who might want to get a feel.

    3. Note that depending on her hair texture, you may not be able to run your fingers through her hair, and that's OK.

    4. Don't fret if she leaves for the salon at 10:00 a.m. and doesn't return until 10:00 p.m.

    5. She's not having an affair, and she hasn't been abducted.

    6. She's just probably still under the dryer.

    7. There's no need to call her your "African princess" or "Nubian queen" every time she wears cornrows or box braids.

    8. One day her hair might be curly, and the next it might be silky-straight.

    9. And the day after that, it may swing way past her ass.

    10. Her hair lends a lot of versatility, so she can basically do anything with it.

    11. Don't ever — under any circumstance — attempt to take off her scarf or bonnet at night!

    12. The headscarf is an essential accessory in black hair care, keeping our tresses moisturized and in place for hundreds of years.

    13. Should her scarf fall off in her slumber, gently brush her shoulder to alert her so that she may retie it.

    14. This is critical to her happiness in the morning and the success of her day.

    15. If you want to win her love, ask her to teach you how to take out her weaves and braids.

    16. And if you're REALLY trying to win her, learn how to detangle, and clear your schedule on wash day.

    17. Wash day, btw, is a day of the week she sets aside to shampoo, condition, and style her hair.

    18. If you ever smell the sweet aroma of a tropical paradise, it's probably just coconut oil.

    19. You must take her out every time she gets her hair done because it's officially laid, and the world needs to see.

    20. If she's a weave addict, you may never see her real hair and you have to decide in the beginning if this is a mystery you can live with.

    21. And finally, if there's something you genuinely don't understand, just ask her.

    Now go forth in confidence.