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    7 Things I Actually Tried This October Before Telling You How Great They Are

    When your president tweets, money-saving apps, lipstick, a new energy-saving philosophy, and more help me to find joy in the simple things.

    Oh hey, girl! I'm Essence, the senior beauty editor for BuzzFeed's women's lifestyle platform, As/Is. People are always in my DM's asking me about my favorite products, so I put together this little list of my favorite things from this month.

    1. So Digit is an app that ~secretly~ saves money I'd otherwise be spending on chicken nuggets and doughnuts.

    2. I keep this Formula Z Cosmetics lipstick in my makeup bag at all times, and that's a big deal because I have commitment issues.

    3. This Urban Outfitters Eleanor Plunging Denim Jumpsuit lets me live the '70s sitcom actress life I was born to lead.

    4. Enid B's Oatmeal Honey & Goat's Milk Face and Body Soap keeps my skin super soft for my non-existent boyfriend who never touches it.

    5. These Empire Pointed Toe White Ankle Boots from Public Desire are runway-cute but I-have-student debt-affordable.

    6. The devil that is hyperpigmentation works hard, but like Kris Jenner, Urban Skin Rx Super C Brightening Serum works harder.

    7. Leaving shit in the figurative toilet is my new thing and it's been serving me well!

    Follow me on Instagram @TheEssenceOf_ to see more of my fave products, and to tag me in yours. See ya soon!