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    The Black List: Matte Lipsticks That Are Actually Moisturizing, And More

    Plus hairstyles that are easy enough for you to do at home.

    Michael Hinson / BuzzFeed

    Welcome to The Black List! Each week, we’ll share seven things from around the web that should be on every magical black girl’s radar.

    1. MDMflow has the BEST liquid matte lipsticks, and they aren't drying.

    @mdmflow / Via

    Handle: @mdmflow

    Platform: Instagram


    MDMflow is a U.K.-based cosmetics brand with a variety of liquid matte and semi-matte lipsticks, and they don't dry your lips out! The moisturizing formula comes in the chicest clear tubes with gold tops, and they have a soft brush for smooth application. MDMflow lippies are made with beeswax so that the colors are more flexible and get into every crevice of your lips. They're also super long-lasting and take you through an entire day with little to no reapplications. I actually have about five or six of them and I wear at least one every week.

    Follow the brand here on Instagram, and shop some of the colors here on Nasty Gal. You can also shop all of the products on the UK site (price is converted from pounds to dollars at checkout).

    2. Gabrielle Union slays on the cover of Essence and says she supports women if they choose to not see her latest film after the producer's sexual assault allegations.


    Author: Cori Murray

    Outlet: Essence

    Gabrielle Union looks stunning on the current issue of Essence!!! In the mag, the Being Mary Jane star says she's less concerned with how many lines she gets in a script and more interested in being an authority in the production of it. "I want to have a little bit more control over the narrative," she says. "The only way I can be empowered to do that is to be a producer. Now with as many projects that will have me, it’s part of the deal."

    She also addresses the sexual assault controversy surrounding Nate Parker, director of her latest film, The Birth of A Nation. As a rape survivor and advocate for sexual assault victims, she says, "I cannot shy away from this responsibility because the conversation got difficult... Every victim or survivor, I believe you. I support you. I support you if you don’t want to see the film. I absolutely understand and respect that."

    Read more snippets here, and get the full story in the October '16 issue out now.

    3. This natural hair blogger posts quick and cute style demos on Instagram that are actually easy enough to recreate.

    @sashabasha2 / Via

    Handle: @sashabasha2

    Platform: Instagram

    SashaBasha2 on Instagram is the absolute best with her cute and easy-to-follow hairstyles. If you wanna switch up your everyday go-to style but aren't necessarily trying to give all your coins to a salon, she has you covered. Here she does two low buns using Alikay Naturals products and a little olive oil for moisture and shine. See here to read her steps in the caption, and follow her for more styles.

    4. A queer Muslim woman writes about how she learned to accept her sexuality.

    @fariha_roisin / Via

    Author: Fariha Róisín


    Fariha Rólsín recalls her young teen years in Teen Vogue when she didn't understand why she was attracted to all sexes. "Feelings of evil are commonly projected onto anything that’s not understood, and though I had never felt the intense persecution of my sexuality, I had always felt it lingering," she writes. But as she got older and grew to understand her religion on her own terms, she felt her love for God, Islam, and Muhammad "as a companion for my love for the exploration of myself — and of the world around me." Rólsin writes, "In retrospect, I wish someone could have said: God made you this way, love yourself. If we teach people to love what they are — naturally — they will love others too."

    Check out the full inspiring read here.

    5. Plus size bloggers share their best tips for looking and feeling confident, and it's everything!

    @jenesaisquoithe / Via

    Author: Liz Black

    Outlet: Refinery29

    Thirteen style and beauty bloggers share their best confidence advice on Refinery29. Jeniese Hosey advises people to wear what makes them feel good. "It doesn't matter if they say it's out or in, if you feel good in it, wear it." Alysse Dalessandro also encourages people to forget about all the rules: "Your size, shape, or body type isn't an indication of your worth, and it shouldn't dictate your personal style... Confidence isn't about living up to anyone's standards but your own."

    Take in all the positivity here.

    6. Hair vlogger The Chic Natural makes this bargain curly wig look super real in only three minutes.

    TheChicNatural / Via

    Channel: TheChicNatural

    Outlet: YouTube

    It's hard to believe that THIS $60 wig is the same one The Chic Natural is wearing in the pic above. She makes it look incredibly real with a few tweaks, like plucking the part and pinning the bangs in place around her hairline. See how she does it all here and check the description box for more tips. Also, get the wig here on Amazon.

    7. Nicki Minaj met her idol Lauryn Hill and COMPLETELY lost it!

    Take care of yourself, and stay magically beautiful ❤️.