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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Suck At Makeup

    Pretty hurts.

    1. First of all, nothing about having a whole bunch of stuff on your face feels good.

    2. Like, you can't even consume nutrients necessary for your survival without it causing a problem.

    3. It's basically just super-hard and frustrating.

    4. And sometimes that frustration makes you hurt the ones you love.

    5. Contouring is humanly impossible...

    6. As are brows.

    7. ESPECIALLY brows.

    8. How are you even supposed to know when enough is enough?

    9. Or when to do what?

    10. It's impossible to keep up because they're always changing shit.

    11. It takes forever to buy stuff because you don't even know what to get.

    12. And the good shit is always out of your budget.

    13. But can we talk about the dangers?

    14. Like, you should never be forced to choose between eyesight and beauty.

    15. Is a perfect and precise wing tip reeeeally worth all the agony?

    16. Just when you get the hang of things, something goes wrong.

    17. Or you finally start believing in yourself only to be shot down.

    18. And you do so much work just to take it off a few hours later.

    19. So you basically just say "whatevs" because you realize you're fine as hell regardless.

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