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    Here Are The Skincare Must-Haves Of An Actual Beauty Boss

    Rising beauty entrepreneur Elsa Arauz is building an online beauty store and putting on for Afro-Latinas worldwide, all while keeping her skin in tip-top shape. Tell us your ways, sis!

    Elsa Arauz is an Afro-Latina entrepreneur from the Bronx who founded Kar'if, an online marketplace that scouts black and brown-owned beauty brands to make cosmetic shopping for women of color easier. Selected products are available to customers for 30-50% off retail value, and the offerings include skin and hair care, makeup, nail color and application tools. Arauz is inspired to disrupt the billion-dollar beauty industry with her own company because she wants to create an online destination that's inclusive of people with dark skin, curly hair textures, and any other features that society has historically considered less beautiful. We're constantly inspired by strong women, and we're curious to know what products they're using to make them look just as dope as all the boss moves they're making. BuzzFeed asked Arauz to give our readers a rundown of how she takes care of her A-plus skin while running a beauty business, and we may or may not have already made a list of essentials to cop on payday!

    I splash my face with cold water to wake up, and then I cleanse with Baebody’s Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser. After, I apply Kaike’s Sugar Scrub to exfoliate any crustiness on my lips and I rub them together (and lick some of the sugar but I definitely don’t recommend you do that). Watch your lips get baby soft!

    Once my face is cleansed and my lips are crust-free, I’ll continue the adoration of my brown skin with Vivo Day Moisturizer, which I got from Amazon. It’s visually appealing to watch your skin absorb the goodness of this product without leaving behind greasy residue. As my skin absorbs the moisture, I go on to seal it with Amaki Japanese Tsubaki Anti-aging Face Oil, also from Amazon.

    Throughout the day (and quite frankly every time my nerves are tested), I’ll grab my Mario Badescu Rose Water spray to restore the moisture levels on my face (and regulate my elevated blood pressure).

    Night time cleansing begins with my Baebody Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser to remove the molecular dust, pollution and debris that may have stuck to my skin while traversing through a city as dirty as New York. With my FOREO Luna silicone facial brush, I push the cleanser all over my face in small circles. The gentle pulsation that brush gives is so soothing and calming; perfect for setting the bedtime mood. Two pumps of my Mona Botanicals Rose Vanilla Toner is enough to sweep away whatever survived the Luna pulsations. I really like this toner because it's non-alcoholic and never leaves you with tight, dry skin, and it has a sweet-tangy smell that reminds you of flower fields in the summer.

    I'll follow up with an eye cream. My latest conquests from is Avya Skincare. Their Eye Bright Cream is designed to brighten underneath eyes and cater to multicultural skin. And of course there is no better way to moisturize than dotting my face with Avya Night Moisturizer and *dramatically* rubbing it in on my forehead and cheeks. In a final appearance, Mona Botanical's Rose Vanilla comes thru with the perfect sealant to lock it all in.

    Throughout the night I’ll find that my wild sleeping contortions wipe off about 70% of all the moisture I’ve applied. But it’s okay because by daylight, the moisturizing effects have already taken place and my skin is glowy and radiant AF. I'm totally enamored by the idea that my products work overnight while I catch up on beauty sleep. So divine!


    Baebody Activated Charcoal Face Cleanser. Get it from Amazon for $13.95.

    Kaike Sugar Scrub. Get it from Kar'if for $15.

    Vivo Per Lei Day Cream. Get it from Amazon for $11.98.

    Amaki Japanese Tsubaki Anti-Aging Face Oil. Get it from Amazon for $23.75.

    Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater. Get it from Amazon for $12.

    FOREO Luna Exfoliator Brush and Silicone Cleansing Device. Get it from Amazon for $169.

    Avya Eye Bright Cream. Get it from Avya for $75.

    Mona Botanicals Rose Vanilla Facial Toner. Get it from Kar'if for $20.

    Avya Skincare Night Moisturizer. Get it from Avya for $95.

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    This story has been edited for length and clarity.