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    Rihanna Has Answered Our Prayers And Is Launching A Makeup Line

    Bitch better save yo money!

    So you know Bae, right? The most influential star of our generation who keeps busy making music history, designing fresh-ass sneaks, and covering magazines?

    Well, now she's starting her own makeup line called Fenty Beauty by Rihanna...AND WE HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS WE'RE NOT EQUIPPED TO DEAL WITH!!!

    We're literally sobbing tears of joy, guys...

    But also twerking out of excitement.

    So. Many. FEELIIIIIINGS 😩.

    Fenty Beauty will be in all of our makeup bags in 2017, and David Suliteanu, CEO of Kendo, says it's a "beauty rocket ship that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience."

    So pull yourself together, and start saving them coins!

    Like this very wise soul...

    So we can hopefully avoid this.

    It's happening, guys. The Queen is granting our wishes!!!