Here's What Kelly Rowland's Real Hair Looks Like

    Singer Kelly Rowland posted a photo of her natural hair without any weave or extensions, and it's perfection!

    Y'all know Kelly Rowland, right?! R&B songstress, member of the best girl group of all times, pop culture and beauty icon? Of course you do!

    Well she recently dropped a fire new single, "Kelly," boasting how "Kelly got class, Kelly got ass" and it kicked off a #GoKellyGo challenge on the gram.

    And THEN, because sis clearly doesn't care about giving our edges time to recoup, she posted these photos of her melanin on all types of fleek and her natural hair THRIVING!!!

    I mean, GURL!

    Get into this texture! GET. IN. TO. THIS. FULLNESSSSSSS!!!!!

    People in the comments were living for her lush Afro bc obviously:

    @bermudaflava perfectly summed up how we were all feeling:

    And @roses_are_fresh added her own "Kelly" lyric, saying that the star "got everything" and facts tbh:

    Listen to the new single below and scroll through @kellyrowland's IG to get more skin, style, and hair life!

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