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21 Natural Hair Transformations To Encourage You When The Struggle Gets Real

Be patient.

1. So cutting your hair can be VERY scary.

Heeey! It's me👋.
Essence Gant

Heeey! It's me👋.

2. Especially if you're going natural...

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3. And you decide to do the BIG CHOP!

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4. "What will I look like with short hair?" you ask yourself.

@theabenalove / Via

5. "Will it ever grow back?"

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6. Don't worry, though.

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7. Everything's gonna be OK.

8. Your hair will eventually sprout its way back up.

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9. And it'll probably be even healthier than it was before!

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10. Just make sure that you show it lots of TLC.

Alanna Bennett

11. Find a good hair care regimen for your texture.

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12. A healthy, clean scalp and moisturized tresses make all the difference.

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13. And remember that everything, even what we eat, affects the growth and health of our hair.

Check out her hair growth regimen here.
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Check out her hair growth regimen here.

14. If you're transitioning, don't be afraid to cut long pieces.

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15. It'll make it easier to style and take care of your hair.

16. If it's at a length you're not used to styling, you can try different twist and braid-outs for some added stretch.

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17. Whatever you do, though...

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18. NEVER compare your journey to someone else's.

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19. Because everyone's hair is different.

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20. And all hair textures and lengths are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

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21. Just enjoy YOUR process (and take lots of selfies)!

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