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    Here's What Janelle Monáe Looks Like Without Her Weave Or A Drop Of Makeup

    The world's first walking vision board.

    Surely you know Janelle Monáe—the fashion killa, beauty icon, and renowned entertainer!

    Michael Kovac / Jason Merritt / Michael Kovac / Via Getty

    Who sometimes jams out with President Obama and his squad.

    Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

    Well, she, and all her glory, posted a bare-faced and weave-less selfie to her 'gram, and we just weren't ready for it, guys.

    This is us gasping.


    @janellemonae / Via

    Janelle Monáe's face + Janelle Monáe's hair = 😍 👑 x Infinity.

    Like, we seriously didn't even know brows could look like this without threading, a brow kit, and a prayer.

    @janellemonae / Via

    She posted this black and white selfie, too, with the caption, "My friends say I never post personal selfies and my IG is too business and heavy. I'm trying. Shit."

    @janellemonae / Via

    Trying? Homegirl, you are THRIVING... EXCELLING!!! Radiating perfection even through this blur.

    @janellemonae / Via

    "Oh just me making your life a blur. Trippy. 😘 Me attempting to use 'famous IG girl' lingo. 😫"

    Dearest Janelle Monáe, please continue enriching our lives with such effortless "I woke up like this" slayage. You're inspiring us all to wash off our makeup at night and actually detangle our hair.