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    Issa Rae Is The New Face Of CoverGirl And We're So Excited You'd Think We Were Getting Paid Too

    She tells BuzzFeed about the first time she wore foundation, and how her friends were like, "Girl, no."

    Guys, Insecure star Issa Rae is the new face of CoverGirl... AND WE'RE LOSING OUR FRIGGIN MIIIIIINDS!!!

    She posted this BTS shot of her CoverGirl campaign on Instagram.

    Rae told BuzzFeed exclusively about the first time she wore the wrong shade of foundation, and how it reminds her why she wants to be a CoverGirl:


    “My first experience with makeup was my freshman year of college. It was the first big night going out to a club," she said. It was before YouTube tutorials (how did we ever survive?!), and she was too embarrassed to ask her friends for help because she thought they were beauty experts. "Then, looking back on the pictures, I laughed like, 'Y'all were not makeup experts. I held you to too high of a standard.'"

    "But I just remember not knowing what to do and went to my local drugstore to buy foundation. Didn’t test it out, but was like, This looks like my skin, right?, and just smeared it like it was lotion," she recalled. "I thought I was ready showing up to my friend’s place. My friends were like, 'Girl, no, take that off.' And then they helped match my shade and reapply. This experience reminds me of why I'm excited to be a CoverGirl, and how I can help other people find what works for them."

    Since then, her makeup skills have evolved. "I’ve taken an interest beyond the basics, considering my features more carefully and realizing I can accentuate them to play up things I love best about myself. The possibilities are endless with makeup!”


    Rae, a self-made YouTube star turned HBO show runner, said, "makeup gives me a certain sense of self, security and confidence. I’m in charge of how I represent myself, whether as an actress or showing different sides of my personality."

    Jason Laveris / FilmMagic

    So what's the Hollywood boss' favorite product? Lip gloss! "When I gloss up, it feels like it's time to shine," she said. She believes "there are no rules" when it comes to makeup.


    Rae says she wears makeup whenever she feels like it. "Sometimes I'll wear makeup just because I need a pick-me-up running to the grocery store; or because I feel happy and excited for a night with friends and want to express that in a fun and simple way," she told us.

    Issa, GIRL, you are WINNIIIIING, and we ❤️ you so damn much!!!

    Can't wait to see these campaign shots because we know they're gonna be GORGEOUS!!!