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Michelle Phan Has A New Makeup Collection And I Tried Every Product To See If It Was Worth It

There's literally nothing Phan can't do!

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The collection is beautifully packaged bc Michelle Phan, of course, and it consists of two eyeliners and eight matte creme lipsticks. I tried them ALL to see if the collection was worth it for fellow makeup addicts.


I really wanted to see if the applicators lived up to the claims, so I tried a fine, open triangle with the felt tip and a bold wing with the brush tip.

Essence Gant

Seriously, if y'all knew only how much work went into applying this eyeliner.

There was definitely a clear difference in their applications. I thought I was going to like the felt tip more because that's usually the kind of eyeliner I buy, but I actually liked the brush tip the best! Both applicators are great, though, and I especially love how fluid and precise the lines are with each stroke.

If you like bolder lines and/or you don't have the fine motor skills of an ~artiste~, I'd recommend the brush. But if you like to experiment with lines and really go in on the eye art, I'd suggest the felt tip. It really just boils down to what kinds of lines you prefer and how good you are at liner.


I tried all eight shades, and I was most impressed at how creamy and soft they felt on my lips. They weren't drying, and the color payoff was pretty solid even though the site says they wear like a stain. I was also amazed at the nice range of nudes. There's for sure a nude here for every skin tone. Good looking out, Michelle!


My overall thought of the lipsticks? Pretty good! I do feel like they could use a little improvement on the formula, however. It takes a few swipes for an even application, and the wear could last a little longer. After I went H.A.M. on a poor chicken dinner, I didn't have to completely reapply Ultramarine Violet, but I did have to do some touching up.

It's worth it if...

* You really, really love cool new makeup.

* You're a packaging snob!!!

* You want some good quality eyeliner with fluid and precise application.

* You like matte lipsticks that don't dry out your lips.

* You're all about supporting dope woman-owned businesses.

It's not worth it if...

* You aren't that into makeup.

* You can't fathom paying $15 for eyeliner or $16 for lipstick.

Until next time, folks. Let me know in the comments below if there’s a beauty trend or product out there you want me to try before you spend your coins on it.