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How'd Your Most Heartbreaking Relationship End And How'd You Move On?

*blasts Lemonade on repeat*

Heartbreak is the absolute WORRRRRRRRST!

The emotional pain is so deep, it feels like your physical body is gonna actually stop working at any given moment.

And there's no easy way to get through it. Some people round up their closest homies and blast "F-you" anthems all night...

...and others lie in bed and try drowning their hurts in salt and sugar.

But if you've ever really, TRULY been heartbroken before, you know those are only temporary fixes that don't last long.

So tell us how you REALLY got over your broken heart. Was it the help of a therapist who encouraged you to do some self-work?

Perhaps your friend said something that sparked the Aha! moment to help you move forward.

Did you get tired of being sick and tired and suddenly remember all the ways in which you're the shit and deserve happiness?

Whatever it was, we wanna know. So tell us in the comments below: What was your worst heartbreak, and how did you get through it?